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Malaysia Flight #370. Do we have another Bermuda Triangle?

12 days missing. Malaysia Airlines Flight #370 has been missing for 12 solid days with no find in sight. No debris, no remains and most importantly, no black box. No distress call from the cockpit, no calls from passengers. Was there an air marshal on board? The plane has simply vanished without a trace. The search area covers an enormous 27,000 nautical miles. Quite the impossible to search such a massive area.

There is lots of speculation:

  1. Was the plane hijacked?
  2. Did the plane crash into the ocean without a trace?
  3. Who would want to take this passenger plane?
  4. Was their electrical failure?
  5. Is this a terrorist attack?
  6. Is this the supernatural taking place?

"There is no logical explanation right now," exclaims Brad Meltzer of Brad Meltzer's Decoded. The world is watching and no one can find this jet. Could we be dealing with yet another Devil's Triangle, also known as the Bermuda Triangle? Mythical or not, we have no explanation for the missing planes reported during the 50s and 60s and we have no viable explanation for missing jet, Malaysia Airline #370.

How could this plane carrying 239 passengers simply vanish into thin air?

According to CNN, new object sightings "fuel hope", yet flight #370 still remains missing.

What do you believe has happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Share in the comments below.


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