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Malaysia Flight 17: Remains Of 196 People Loaded OnTrain To Unknown Destination

UKRAINE - The remains of 196 people were loaded on to refrigerated train cars at the Torez train station in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, to be taken to an unknown location.

Belongings of passengers on Malaysia flight 17 in sunflower fields as pro-Russian rebel looks on.
Belongings of passengers on Malaysia flight 17 in sunflower fields as pro-Russian rebel looks on.
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images
A pro-Russian separatist talks to a reporter at the crash site of Malaysia flight 17.
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

According to Al Jazeera correspondent Nazanine Moshiri, observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, were at the railway station to observe the "tagged body bags" and how the bodies will be stored in the frozen carriages.

"We are waiting to hear where the train will be heading. We understand it will be going to Ukrainian government-controlled territory," Moshiri said.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday the evidence of Russian collusion is overwhelming. He said Russia should take responsibility for the action of pro-Russian rebels who he said the way they handled the dead had been “grotesque.” Western countries also criticized the way pro-Russian rebel’s restricted access to the crash site.

As evidence continues to mount, it points toward Russia. According to experts, it was the kind the BOK missile launching system that only Russian rebels would know how to operate. A BOK missile launcher was reportedly seen covered by a tarp on Sunday as it left the pro-Russian region in Ukraine where the Malaysia Airlines plane went down.

Black box flight recorders from the Malaysia plane are being asked to be handed over to the International Civil Aviation Organization. The U.S. state department has several reports that aircraft parts and evidence has been tampered with by pro-Russian rebels.

Besides Ukraine having an intercepted call of pro-Russian separatists saying the plane was shot down to their commander, another intercepted call between rebels has been produced by Ukraine military in a call within the pro-Russian separatist military ordering them not to hand the black boxes to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

During a church service in Hilversum, the Netherlands church goers were seen wiping their tears away as church bells rang. "Three families and one individual were ripped from our community. Thirteen people," the deputy mayor of Hilversum said. A copy of the passenger list was seen laying next to a candle that was lit for the victims. A woman was seen looking at the passenger list noticing her former boss along with her entire family was on the passenger list.

Some of the notes left by children said, “You were my favorite teacher” another one said “Lovely Sandra. It’s a shame you’re dead.”

The mother of Bryce Fredriksz-Hoogzand who was among the dead said she is angry and appalled that the bodies aren’t being handed over to loved ones.

Speaking on Sky TV from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport she said "Mr. Putin, send my children home," Send them home. Please."

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