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Malaysia Airlines plane: Terrorism concerns grow as plane is still missing

The Malaysia Airlines plane that lost contact with air traffic control on Friday is still missing as of March 9. Terrorism concerns are growing as officials are working hard to put the pieces together and locate the missing Boeing 777. According to CNN, a "strange object" was found that was not part of the airplane -- speculation suggests this may have been a bomb or part of a bomb. An official called the mysterious object a "false alarm" when discussing whether or not it was part of the plane -- but did not say what the object was.

New details suggest that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have turned back for the airport right around the time it lost signal which would indicate a problem on board but knowing what that problem was is just about impossible without the black box.

Speculation that the Malaysia Airlines plane was hijacked or attacked has also increased. Reports that two passengers from Italy and Austria weren't who they claimed to be have surfaced. Apparently no one from Italy or Austria was on the plane -- but there were two people who purchased their airline tickets together who claimed to be from those two respective countries. Were these two passengers terrorists? It's possible. At this point, the airline says they are not ruling anything out.

Despite the curiosity surrounding the two "suspicious" people on board the plane, the U.S. has been briefed and has looked up the names of these passengers. Nothing alarming was found.

The Malaysia Airlines plane is believed to be down somewhere and it is presumed crash. Search and rescue efforts have been focusing around the South China Sea where two oil slicks were found on Saturday.

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