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Malaysia Airlines plane: Manifest lists passengers that weren't on flight MH370

The Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing on the evening of Friday, March 7, 2014, still has not been found, and thousands of people are concerned and searching. Strange things are coming about though, and one of them is the actual manifest. As CNN reported on March 8, 2014, a number of passengers that were listed on the manifest, were never actually on the plane.

Malaysia Airlines plane
Malaysia Airlines plane
Yahoo News
The manifest for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane is confusing things.
Yahoo News

239 total people - including 227 passengers (two infants) and 12 crew members - are lost as is Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Loved ones are wondering about the whereabouts and safety of their friends and family, but no-one quite knows where the plane is just yet.

Oil slicks have been found, and those seem to indicate that the Malaysia Airlines plane has crashed, but nothing more has been said at this time.

Confusion is now setting in as things are attempted to get sorted out. The next of kin of passengers on the plane have been notified, and that seems to signify the worst, but officials don't seem entirely clear as to who exactly was on the plane.

The manifest for flight MH370 states that an Austria man was on board the craft. Austria denies that one of its citizens was on board. They have stated that his passport was stolen two years ago and he's safe at home.

The Malaysian Airlines plane's manifest also states an Italian was on board the flight, but Italy denies that claim. Italy's foreign ministry also says that Italian's passport was stolen.

Those passports are being looked at as having been stolen, and identities stolen of the actual people.

A total of 14 nationalities were said to be on the flight.

The oil slick found are between six to nine miles long, and were found about 90 miles south of Tho Chu Island. A search is expanding to help find the plane as they "have no idea where the aircraft is right now," per Malaysia Airlines Vice President of Operations Control Fuad Sharuji.

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