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Malaysia Airlines passenger shot down on Anniversary of TWA flight 800

As many people are already aware of, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashed today in the Ukraine about 30 miles from the Russian border enroute from Amsterdam. All day there was speculation by the Russia, United States, and other governments that the passenger plane carrying 280 passengers plus a crew of 15 was shot down by Russian Rebels. There were no survivors. According to reports by FoxNews, the flight crew did not report any May-Days or acknowledge a missile attack. Although, I would assume that unlike military grade jets, most commercial planes do not have missile warning defenses for them to make evasive maneuvers. In fact, the only commercial like airplane that I know of that has countermeasures to ward off incoming missile attacks is Air Force 1 that flies the President of the United States. Also, even if a missile was fired at a commercial airliner, what is the chances that it would be directed at the cockpit and even if that were the case, most airline pilots are not former military jet fighters who can react under that type of pressure.

International Plane Crash Incidenet
Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Early reports indicated that the missile attack was a surface to air missile, meaning that something similar of a Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG) by Russian Rebels. The moment I heard that it was a surface to air missile striking a commercial airliner, the first thought that came to mind was TWA Flight 800 in 1996 where the commercial airliner had taken off from JFK airport heading to Paris, France. I remember something about speculation that TWA 800 was blown out of the air by a surface to air missile after witnesses reported seeing what appeared to be a bright lighted flaming streak from the ground to the airplane. If memory serves correctly, Flight 800 was never solved with the FBI and FAA reporting it was an engine explosion due to a mechanical error, while other reports indicated it was a RPG fired from the ground. So, here is what makes TWA Flight 800 really stands out; today is the 18th Anniversary of TWA Flight 800 which occurred on July 17, 1986 -- today is July 17, 2014. Is this a coincidence? I think, Not!

About an hour ago, there has been confirmation that the Ukraine military was responsible for shooting down the Malaysia airliner today with a surface to air missile. Now, I have to wonder if this attack was an isolated incident or meant to send a personal message to the United States as well?

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