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Malaysia Airlines oil slick update: 'Suspicious objects' found from flight MH370

In a Malaysia Airlines oil slick update, a Vietnamese search vessel told authorities that it found “suspicious objects” possibly coming missing flight MH370. Chicago Tribune reports March 9 that the discovery was made Sunday afternoon.

Exactly what the "suspicious objects" were have not been disclosed. Dozens of ships and aircraft have been on an intense search to find further evidence that the plane crashed into the ocean waters around the South China Sea as well as the tip of Vietnam. Rescue efforts are mostly concentrated around the Gulf of Thailand.

Vietnamese aircraft also found what appeared to be a Malaysia Airlines oil slick on the Gulf of Thailand. It was reportedly 100 nautical miles from the city of Tok Bali. Director-general, Mohd Amdan Kurish, said the ship was "ordered to collect samples of the oil to determine if it came from the plane."

Flight MH370 went missing early Saturday after departing Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

If the plane did crash into the sea, “obviously we will find clothes, bags and debris that float,” Kurish said.

The Malaysia Airlines plane lost contact with air traffic control two hours into the flight Sunday morning. Prime Minister Najib Razak mentioned that air controls may have been breached and is having security procedures reviewed.

"We will enhance them if necessary, because we still do not know the cause of the incident," he said.

One of the biggest suspicions in this missing plane mystery is the two passengers who stole passports. The manifest listed an Italian and an Austrian on the flight who apparently stole Asian passports. This has been the biggest red flag in the search so far, in addition to the suspected Malaysia Airlines oil slick.

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