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Malaysia Airlines missing without a trace?

Is security to be blamed?
Is security to be blamed?

There were two persons on board the plane with fake passport. The plane carries 239 passengers, and the plane vanished into the thin air. Malaysia Airlines unable to locate its whereabouts at this point. This is the 3rd day that the plane is missing.

Is security to be blamed? How can the airlines have prevented passengers, on board, with false passports? Do the airlines have the technology to scan the passport to check it if it’s fake or not? Airports in the United States have the capability to check it of which many illegal entries can be track-down and send them back to their point of origin.

Airports should have rigorist training on security by using new technology and perhaps this could have been prevented? People are speculating that it is a terrorist attack? However, there is no concrete evidence to support this allegation.

Families and supporters are praying, for the people on board of this plane, that they are all safes.