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Malaysia Airlines missing plane mystery: Hijacker may have caused power outage

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Experts looking into the missing Malaysia Airlines plane believe that a hijacker very well could have caused the strange power failure aboard Flight MH370 on March 8. The report released by Australian investigators noted that power outage was likely caused by someone deliberately tampering with the plane's controls.

The Inquistr reported June 30 that the recent report issued by the Australia Transportation Safety Board (ATSB) suggested that prior to the Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers and crew disappeared from radar on March 8, it could have been a hijacker or group of hijackers that caused the power outage that occurred just before Flight 370, which was on its way to Beijing, China, suddenly altered course.

Investigators now know that the plane was subsequently spotted west of Malaysia (it had been traveling northeast) and oddly headed in a southerly direction.

The hijacking scenario (characterized as "not common in the report, according to the Sydney Morning Herald) is a result of a closer reading of the ATSB report on the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, the same report that concluded not only that the Boeing 777 was likely farther south across the Indian Ocean than areas previously searched and that the passengers and crew likely died from asphyxiation (hypoxia) from lack of oxygen long before the plane, locked on autopilot, traveled hundreds more miles, ran out of fuel, and crashed into the ocean.

The power failure aboard Flight 370 occurred about 90 minutes into the flight, just as the plane was centered over the South China Sea. It was at this time that flight data also shows that there was a "log-on request" from the plane itself.

“An analysis was performed which determined that the characteristics and timing of the logon requests were best matched as resulting from power interruption,” the ATSB report stated.

Of course, this is not the first time hijacking has been mentioned as a possible answer to why Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 altered course and eventually wound up in the Indian Ocean. Early on, several hijacking scenarios were forwarded, including one involving two young men from Iran with stolen passports that some speculated could have done something in order to gain control of the plane. They were soon discovered to be students simply trying to escape going back to their home country.

Other hijacking scenarios included detailed conspiracy theories involving China and the CIA, not to mention a UFO encounter that might have interfered with the flight.

Still, the ATSB report had no definitive answers as to what actually happened aboard Flight 370. Unfortunately, that might be the case even if the missing plane is eventually recovered.

The ATSB will continue searching for the missing plane in August.