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Malaysia Airlines MH17: New YouTube video shows Malaysia plane crash in Ukraine

The new YouTube video uploaded on July 17 is titled “Крушение самолета,” which translates simply from Russian to English as “plane crash,” purporting to show the moment when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over the skies of the Ukraine. Although it is difficult to detect any surface to air missiles in the video, which is gaining popularity, viewers can see a fireball coming from the center of the video as the person filming then zooms into the devastation, showing a black huge plume of smoke emanating from the wreckage.

Unlike other false videos that can appear after tragedies, this YouTube video has been linked to by Fox News, an outlet that says 23 American were reportedly on board the flight when it went down. Male-sounding voices can be heard in the video, speaking in what sounds like a Ukrainian language. Although commentators beneath the YouTube video are already questioning its authenticity, due to the fact that the video camera was rolling as the plane went down, viewers can note that the footage begins seemingly at the point at which the plane actually crashed to the ground or shortly thereafter. If the plane was indeed shot down as Ukrainian officials suspect and U.S. officials have now confirmed, a surface to air missile would have potentially caused an in-air explosion that would’ve drawn attention from the ground, giving people time to immediately begin filming the tragedy.

Meanwhile, outlets such as USA Today are noting that in light of this being the second Boeing 777 that has been horrifically lost within an all to short 131 days for Malaysia Airlines, a company that was already suffering in dire financial straits prior to the July 17 crash and previously losing a plane on March 8, it should prove extremely difficult for the national carrier to continue after the latest crash Thursday. Especially in light of the fact that it is still unknown why Flight 370 went missing with 239 people aboard.

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