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Malaysia Airlines flight hijacked, say Malaysian officials: PM Razak not so sure

The Malaysia Airlines flight that has been missing for a week is still being investigated, though investigators have concluded thus far that one of the pilots or someone else onboard - with the ability to fly the jet - hijacked the aircraft and steered it off course. This is the assertion from a Malaysian government official regarding the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, according to a Fox News report on Saturday.

Malaysia Airlines hijacked, according to Malaysian government

Yet, there has been no motive determined for the hijacking of the jetliner. Additionally, there is no knowledge established as to where the jet was taken. The authority within the Malaysian government spoke on condition of anonymity due to his or her not having authority to speak to the media about the conclusion of the case. The official stated that hijacking was no longer a theory – but it is conclusive.

The conclusion was reached because there are signs that the aircraft’s communications were switched off deliberately. Also, the conclusion was reached because of the flight path and indications that the plane was steering in a way to avoid detection by radar.

Again, the aircraft’s communication with those on the ground was stopped in less than one hour after the flight took off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8. It was to arrive in Beijing hours later.

Malaysian authorities believe data from radar suggests the plane may have turned back and crossed back over the Malaysian peninsula to the west – only after it had headed to Beijing. A United States official said the search for the jet is being broadened into the Indian Ocean. Based on that search, the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Kidd is to search a southern quadrant of the Indian Ocean while authorities in India are to search a northern quadrant.

Both United States and Malaysian officials believe, at this point, that the jet was diverted by a skilled pilot prior to its disappearance.

It’s curious that the aircraft’s data reporting system and transponder were turned off separately – and turned off 14 minutes apart. That information leads to the belief that the plane did not crash from some sort of catastrophic failure.

The possibility that the plane was either sabotaged or that the plane landed are still open scenarios – as all possibilities are still being considered by some investigators who are investigating the missing jetliner.

Additionally, the Chicago Tribune is reporting on Saturday that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak stated that the movements of the missing jetliner were consistent with a deliberate act by a person who turned the jet back across Malaysia and further to the west. Razak said, at a news conference on Saturday, that investigators had confirmed the jetliner tracked by military radar was Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 after its communications were probably turned off before it got as far as the east coast of Malaysia last Saturday. The Prime Minister said, "Despite media reports the plane was hijacked, I wish to be very clear, we are still investigating all possibilities as to what caused MH370 to deviate."

Some United States officials believe the aircraft headed over the Indian Ocean and flew until it ran out of fuel.

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