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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Satellite detects objects in Indian Ocean

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As the Malaysia Airlines missing Flight MH370 saga continues, two objects have been spotted by satellite in the southern portion of the Indian Ocean which could possibly be related to the flight that has been missing for 13 days. Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister said that military planes from Australia, the United States, and New Zealand are now searching for the objects, according to a Fox News report on Thursday.

An Orion and three additional aircraft, which include a U.S. P-8, are involved with the search, according to a statement Abbott made to Parliament in Canberra. Abbott asserted that the task of locating the objects spotted by satellite would be quite difficult, and he warned that it may turn out that these objects are not related to the search for Flight MH370 – the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger plane.

The approximate location of the objects spotted on satellite imagery in the Indian Ocean is some 1,550 miles southwest of Perth.

This latest information came forth as the FBI and Malaysian investigators are working to get information from files that were recently deleted from a home flight simulator that was the property of a pilot who was on the missing airplane. The files may reveal clues as to where the plan went after changing its course from flying to Beijing. Reportedly, Malaysian officials have asked FBI agents who are in Kuala Lumpur to assist them with recovering the files.