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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Plane landed safely by terrorists?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is still missing nearly on March 13 and now concerns on whether or not the plane actually crashed are growing. Since no wreckage of the Boeing 777 has been found despite the huge search by air and sea, some are beginning to wonder whether or not the plane landed somewhere. According to CNN, some are worried that the plane is being kept in a desolate area only to be refueled and used for another purpose.

"[A report by the Wall Street Journal] has raised questions among some U.S. officials about whether the plane had been steered off course 'with the intention of using it later for another purpose' ... citing a 'person familiar with the matter,'" reports CNN.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had 239 passengers and crew on board. It's unknown what would have become of those people if the plane was hijacked. Family members have said that they have tried calling the cell phones of their loved ones but the phones just "ring and ring." For most cell phone carriers, once your phone is out of battery -- or if you drop it in the toilet -- it goes straight to voicemail. So the mysterious ringing is certainly confusing people who are trying to figure things out.

Despite several leads (floating debris, oil slicks, satellite images), nothing has revealed the true whereabouts of the jetliner.

There is no proof that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crashed and that could be the scariest bit of information the world has heard yet. If terrorists are holding this plane hostage somewhere with the intent of flying it elsewhere, this would be very serious. While some say that's unlikely, it is a possibility and investigators have not ruled anything out.

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