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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 family members crudely notified of deaths by text

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Malaysia Airlines texted messages to inform families of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370’s passengers that any hope of their loved ones being alive had vanished, on Monday. The text was sent out at 9 a.m. – one hour before the Prime Minister of Malaysia – Najik Razak - made the announcement live via telecasts throughout the world, according to a New York Daily News report on Monday.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 ended in the Indian Ocean

According to the report, a Beijing hotel, where family members of 153 Chinese passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, was the scene of incredible shrieks as the relatives received the message sent out. Following the texts, there were confrontations between agressive media photographers and the grieving, as well as grief-stricken persons who needed to be taken out of the hotel on stretchers.

The text said that Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that they have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none on board survived. It continued to say that they would hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minister that we must now accept that all evidence suggests the plane went down.

The Malaysia Airlines have been severely criticized for their method of informing and shocking the family members via the text message.

It was determined on Monday that all hope is lost for finding the passengers alive from the passenger plane that has been missing since March 8. It reportedly went down in the southern Indian Ocean due to data accumulated from the investigation.