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Malaysia Airlines flight disappears: Mysterious lack of warning rare occurrence

Malaysia Flight disappearance is still a mystery today, no wreckage has been found, but two oil slicks off shore of Vietnam have been spotted.
Malaysia Flight disappearance is still a mystery today, no wreckage has been found, but two oil slicks off shore of Vietnam have been spotted.

The mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight with 239 passengers on board continues into Saturday. Search planes report two oil slicks, about 12 miles long, off the Vietnam coast on Saturday March 8, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Saturday morning.

USA Today on March 8, is reporting there is no official confirmation yet on the location of the downed flight this morning. The oil slicks were found on Saturday morning and released as "breaking news," as it was the first possible sign of the plane since seemingly dropping from the sky. It was there one minute and the next it was gone off the radar screen.

The disappearance of this flight is a bizarre occurrence in so many ways, as there were no indications from pilots or from the sophisticated technology on board the plane that something went wrong. The technology in this newer aircraft sends signals for all activities, including the flushing of a toilet when an aircraft is in flight, reports Fox. The communication through the technology on the aircraft should have continued even when they lost touch with the pilots.

Out of the 239 souls on board the plane, three were Americans and one was a baby, said Fox. The American passengers were identified as Nicole Meng, 4; Philip Wood, 51; and Yan Zhang, 2. There is no information released as to what state they are from.

According to USA Today on Saturday morning, there were no reports of rough weather or any signs that the plane was in trouble in the minutes leading up to losing contact with the flight.

While Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said there was no indication that this is terrorism related, all possibilities were be explored. The Malaysian Airlines CEO Ahmad Juahan Yahya released a statement Friday night which included:

"We deeply regret that we have lost all contact with flight MH370 which departed Kuala Lumpur at 12:41 a.m. earlier this (Saturday) morning bound for Beijing."

The Boeing 777 has an excellent safety record as does Malaysian Airlines. The statement from the Malaysian airlines included a list of passengers for the flight. According to USA Today, the people on board represent “14 nationalities, including:

"152 plus one infant from China, 38 from Malaysia, seven from Indonesia, six from Australia, three from France, two plus one infant from the United States, two each from New Zealand, Ukraine and Canada, and one each from Russia, Italy, Taiwan, Netherlands and Austria. Five Indian nationals were also on the flight.”

It is highly unusual for a plane to disappear mid-flight when it is at its cruising altitude, said an aircraft expert on Fox News Saturday morning. Most problems occur during takeoff and landing.

The flight lost contact two and a half hours after taking off, according to the airline. The aircraft had seven hours’ worth of fuel, so when those seven hours passed by, all hopes were lost. It is believed the plane went down just as it entered Vietnam waters between Malaysia and Vietnam. This is where the reported oil slicks were spotted on Saturday.

Realities and friends of the 239 passengers made their way to the airport and are painstakingly waiting for word on the mystery disappearance of their loved ones.

The search and rescue involves several countries that sent ships and aircraft to the area where it is believed the flight went down.

More to come as updates are released, so check back.

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