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Malaysia Airlines flight 370 search breakthrough: Pulse signal detected

Indian Ocean where search continues for Malaysian Flight 370
Indian Ocean where search continues for Malaysian Flight 370
NordNordWest, WikiMedia Commons Public Domain

A major breakthrough in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 came earlier today (April 5, 2014) with a pulse signal being detected in the Indian Ocean by a Chinese ship according to a CNN news report.

A Chinese ship searching in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia picked up a pulse signal that matches the frequency of those used by the black boxes on jets and that the ship heard a series of sounds. This same ship picked up a signal on Friday, April 4, 2012 but did not get a chance to record the signal due to it stopping suddenly.

Planes searching from the air also identified new objects floating in the ocean several miles away from where the signal was located at. While both the pulse signals and the new objects found floating in the ocean have not been confirmed to be of the missing flight 370 jet, it is a good sign that the jet which has been missing for almost a month now has possibly been found.

The pulse signals picked up by the Chinese ship were discovered at approximately 1,020 miles off the coast of Australia near the city of Perth. The search will continue today as the Malaysia government forms teams to handle the situation in case flight 370 is confirmed as officially being found in the depths of the Indian Ocean.