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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Government hush-up and conspiracy theories rampant
Malaysia Airlines conspiracy theories: UFOs, aliens, terrorists, hijacking, suicide, etc.

Malaysia Airline Flight 370 has been officially ruled as “lost at sea.” Yesterday, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak made it official. Flight 370 and her crew of 239 souls, missing for over two weeks, crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

Or did it?

That’s the question being asked by many, including Mike Adams, editor of Adams’ article, posted Monday and entitled Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 now clearly a government cover-up: All evidence contradicts official story, is going viral on social media, and people are weighing in with their own thoughts on what truly happened.

As with all such catastrophes where misinformation and so called party line half-truths seem to grab headlines away from factual reporting, conspiracy theorists come out of the woodwork with their personal, demystifying exposé and guarantees of veracity over trickery.

Except in this case, Adams makes a strong argument.

Families of the 239 passengers are struggling with the news that their loved ones are now, according to the Malaysian government, deceased.

Missing plane: Search over, Malaysia says Flight 370 crashed in Indian Ocean

A text message, of all things, was sent out before Prime Minister Razak went public with the official word. Malaysia Airlines is now defending their decision to notify families via cell phone messages.

Flight 370 Indian Ocean: Families of loved ones told of deaths via text message

One day later, China is already demanding that Malaysia turn over the satellite data that was supposedly used to pinpoint the ocean area where Flight 370 crashed. The reason China, among other nations, is demanding transparency into what is being called “spurious data,” is because there is no solid evidence to date – no wreckage, no debris, no bodies, no black box.

Writes Adams:

The "official" story of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now a blatant cover-up. After an endless stream of wild incompetence from the Malaysian military and government concerning the radar signature of the missing flight, we are now told by the Malaysian government that the flight "went down over the southern Indian Ocean" and that all lives are lost.

This explanation smacks of an obvious cover-up for several crucial reasons, all of which are now being utterly ignored by the conventional press.

Adams goes on to provide four reasons for his theory, which is gaining momentum by the minute. He points out there is yet to be found any debris field, and says an ocean impact of a Boeing 777 class of aircraft should have left tens of thousands of floating sections of wreckage.

Too, he points out that Flight 370 was broadcasting data for at least 4 hours after the transponder was turned off – something that has yet to be explained or even acknowledged as part of Malaysia’s conclusion as to the aircraft’s fate.

A lack of any evidence of a crash, and especially the news, reported early on in the investigation, that the plane’s transponder was manually switched off, are robust reasons to think there is more, way more, to the story than is being told.

Consider Adam’s argument:

If the pilot of Flight 370 was suicidal and wanted to fly the plane into the ocean, there would be no need to switch off the transponder before doing so.

In fact, there would be no need to make all the complex, intentional flight maneuvers, which Flight 370 clearly took as has been widely reported.

The fact that the transponder was manually disconnected followed by the plane making deliberate maneuvers that put it on a new flight path is near-absolute proof that the persons controlling the aircraft had no intention of flying the plane into the ocean. It's also strong evidence that they did not want governments to track their new flight direction and destination.

All that being said, and assuming there is a conscious plot in play to conceal the reality of what actually happened, what truths could be lurking behind the government’s heavy curtain of deception?

In Adams’ opinion, the “most likely explanation at this point” is that “the aircraft is being turned into a weapon.”

Adams and his article are hardly alone. News outlets are chock-a-block bursting with such theories, and until we see the facts, the pictures, the debris field, etc., they will continue.


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The Inquisitr: Conspiracy Theories: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Ideas Include Alien Attack, Pilot Suicide

Some of these articles present some doubt as to what the government is telling us. Others just debunk anything other than what we’re being told as gobbledygook.

For the victims of the flight. For their families. For their friends and loved ones. They all need the truth, and the evidence to support it.

Says Adams:

The mainstream media will start scrubbing stories and retroactively altering its reporting to match the "official" government story. We've seen this before. It's how governments and media outlets sweep 239 lives under the rug and try to discredit anyone who asks skeptical, scientifically-sound questions based on the actual evidence.

Let's hear from you. What are your thoughts on Flight 370's fate? Leave your comments below.

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