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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 found to have went down in Indian Ocean

There are no survivors, but plenty of questions remain.
There are no survivors, but plenty of questions remain.
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(Spring Lee, EXAMINER) -- After a long and extensive search it has now confirmed that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did in fact go down over the southern Indian Ocean.The wreckage itself has not been confirmed officially, but officials are certain that this is the remnants of the plane, and people are being notified accordingly.

A black box locator has been requested.

There are no survivors according to officcials. There were 239 people on the flight when it went down, and this news has already been related to the families of the passengers who were on board.

Phillip Wood was the only American on board the flight, and a Facebook page has been set up to remember him. His relatives released a statement through their social media pages saying, "our collective hearts are hurting now." This following a post saying, "Please lift all the loved ones of MH370 with your good thoughts and prayers."

CNN reports on their Facebook page that In an e-mail to reporters, "the partner of Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood writes she has no closure because there's no confirmed wreckage."

Debris was located in the Indian Ocean, and the announcement was released the very same day that Australian officials confirmed having seen "two objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be related to the flight."

A Chinese plane that was flying at approximately 33,000 ft. spotted the wreckage debris on its way back to the West Coast of Australia.

Australian authorities are working to get answers saying that "the objects could be retrieved within the next few hours, or by tomorrow morning at the latest."

There are a lot of questions that are waiting to be answered in the mystery of flight 370, and statements were issues to CNN saying "Now we have no evidence the crew did anything wrong," he said. "And in fact, now, we should be operating with the primary assumption being that something bad happened to that plane shortly after they said good night; If a crisis on board caused the plane to lose pressure, he said, pilots could have chosen to deliberately fly lower to save passengers." The statement went on to say, " You want to get down to 10,000 feet, because that is when you don't have to worry about pressurization. You have enough air in the atmosphere naturally to keep everybody alive," he said. "So part of the procedure for a rapid decompression ... it's called a high dive, and you go as quickly as you can down that to that altitude."

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