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Malaysia Airlines: Debris found not from missing jet, search could take years

Hopes were dashed Sunday when it was reported that debris pulled from the Indian Ocean were not related to the missing flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines jet. Officials say the items retrieved yesterday were more likely fishing-related objects or trash, according to The Australian on March, 30.

The search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues off the coast of Perth Australia, as the latest hopes that debris found were from the missing aircraft were dashed Sunday.

Meanwhile, a U.S. Navy official suggested Sunday that the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could take years, as search and rescue officials raced to locate the plane's black box recorder just days before its batteries are set to die.

U.S. Navy Capt. Mark Matthews told journalists at Stirling Naval Base near Perth, that the lack of information about where the plane went down seriously impairs the ability to find it.

"Right now the search area is basically the size of the Indian Ocean, which would take an untenable amount of time to search," Matthews said according to the Chicago Tribune.

Capt. Matthews compared it to the search for Air France flight 447 off the coast of Brazil in 2009. He said how they had much better positional information in that case, but it still took over two years to find.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority reports a Chinese ship plucked objects from the southern Indian Ocean yesterday, after a Chinese military search plane spotted floating debris bearing colors from the missing jet.

The plane carrying 239 passengers and crew disappeared on March 8 while bound from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Investigators have been puzzled over what happened aboard the plane.

Speculation ranges from major equipment failure to a botched hijacking to terrorism or even a deliberate act by one of the pilots. The search for debris from the doomed flight 370 shifted north on Friday after new analysis of satellite ping data.

As many as 10 ships are now combing the new search area. Four Australian and Chinese ships arrived in the new search area off Perth yesterday, and an additional six ships are expected to reach the search zone today.

The ships are focused on trying to locate and retrieve various objects spotted by search planes over the past two days. Weather conditions in the search area are expected to worsen today with light showers and low clouds.

An Australian Navy ship fitted with the black box detector on loan from the United States is also scheduled to leave Perth today.

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