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Malaysia airline missing: Tickets purchased together using 2 stolen passports

Authorities confirm that the stolen passports were used together to purchase tickets.
Authorities confirm that the stolen passports were used together to purchase tickets.
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

Authorities have confirmed that two passengers purchased their tickets together using two stolen passports for the missing Malaysia Airline flight 370. The passports were stolen at two different times and two different places, according to CNN News on March 9.

The investigation shows that the tickets were purchased from China Southern Airlines. The two tickets were bought at identical prices and they were paid for using Thailand's currency.

Travelsky, which is China's official e-ticket verification system, confirmed this for the authorities. The tickets numbers are just one number away from each other, so they were purchased at the same time.

The two tickets booked both passengers to depart from Kuala Lumpur, flying to Beijing, and then onward to Amsterdam. This is where the two intended to part and go their separate ways. The Italian passport's ticket continues to Copenhagen, the Austrian's to Frankfurt.

U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Deputy Tony Blinken said that the reports of the tickets purchased in tandem with the stolen passports “certainly raise questions and concerns.” He also said that “it would be premature to speculate.”

The investigation is well into the second day of the missing Malaysia Airlines' plane and breaking news of floating debris found off the coast of Vietnam has given authorities some hope in finding some answers. The debris was spotted from the air in the darkness, but boats are moving into the area to confirm those sightings.

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