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Malaysia Air: 'Deliberate' action could change the way you fly

Malaysia Air is still trying to piece together what might have happened when one of their Boeing 777 planes disappeared one week ago. On March 15, CNN reported that it is becoming clear that whatever happened on board flight MH370 was intentional -- deliberate. Whether it was an act of the pilot (and/or crew) or a hijacker, several media outlets are reporting that whatever happened to the plane was indeed planned.

"Evidence is consistent with someone acting deliberately from inside the plane. Despite media reports that the plane was hijacked, we are investigating all major possibilities on what caused MH370 to deviate," explained Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Malaysia Air has been very careful about what information that they have released. However, the newest information that has been confirmed leads investigators to believe that this plane didn't just fall out of the sky. The main piece of information that came out today was the last communication from someone on the plane to air traffic control.

"All right, good night," was the last communication that came from the cockpit -- and this was said after ACARS and the transponder were shut off. That means that whatever was going to happen on flight MH370 was already in motion.

Malaysia Air is careful not to release too much information but investigators have already searched the homes of the pilot and the co-pilot. The pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, had a flight simulator in his home which was confiscated today. Bags were taken from Fariq Ab Hamid, 27, the co-pilot but it's unclear what was inside of those bags.

If the pilot was responsible for what happened on this plane, it could change the way you fly. The tables will have turned. Why? Because pilots are supposed to be the trustworthy ones. Knowing that there are some pilots that could be working for terrorist groups or on suicide missions is quite frightening and will change air travel forever -- if, in fact, this was the pilot's doing.

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