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Flight MH370 missing: Pilot's mysterious phone call just before takeoff probed

Malaysia 777 missing: Pilot's mysterious phone call in the cockpit mintues before departure is probed today.
Malaysia 777 missing: Pilot's mysterious phone call in the cockpit mintues before departure is probed today.
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Malaysia' Boeing 777 is still missing and the latest search for debris that were spotted by satellite in the Indian Ocean appears to be a dead end so far. The two large pieces of debris first seen about a week ago, which were thought to be part of Malaysia flight 370, are nowhere to be found. The suggestion that whatever was once there is probably now sitting at the bottom of the ocean was discussed on “Fox and Friends” live Friday morning March 21.

USA Today reports the satellite picture was already days old when the search for the possible Malaysia Boeing 777 debris began, today it is almost a week old. The two pieces of debris spotted by satellite could have traveled hundreds of miles by now, hindering the search even more than the rough seas and bad weather have already.

Another thing that was mentioned this morning that if the plane had crashed, there were at least four beacons that would have gone off to help satellites locate the crash site. Because none of the four went off, the theory of a crash doesn’t seem probable.

Another new piece to the puzzle was revealed today as the pilot made a mysterious phone call just minutes before taking off. According to Fox News today, investigators are trying to trace who it was that the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah called from his phone.

The hopes are that the person on the other end of that phone call can provide clues as to “understanding the mystery of the missing flight.” Geraldo Rivera appeared live on “Fox and Friends” this morning and said the phone call should not be such a mystery. In his opinion, the pilot probably just called a loved-one to say goodbye.

He was reminded by the other news celebrities on “Fox and Friends” that the plane was taking off when most people had been fast asleep for hours. So who was he talking to in the middle of the night? It may seem as if too much emphasis is put on this mysterious call today, but it is rounding day 13 into the disappearance of Flight 370 and investigators are leaving no stones unturned.

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