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Mako Shark breaks records: 805-lb Mako reeled in by Florida surf-casting cousins

A Mako shark caught off the beach on the Florida Gulf Coast is believed to be a record-breaker, weighing in at 805 pounds. Two fishermen, who are also cousins, caught this monster of a fish while surf-casting, according to Fox News on April 22.

Mako shark caught by two cousins fishing off beach on Florida Gulf Coast thought to be record breaker at 800 lbs.
Facebook/ H &T

The men pulled this 11-foot Mako shark into shore, but not until it put up one heck of a fight. Earnie Polk and his cousin Joey Polk reeled the record-breaking catch in for about an hour before they won the battle and got the creature on the sand.

In the spirit of true fishermen, the location where they caught the Mako shark was kept a secret. They didn’t want to tempt fate and have one of their favorite fishing spots inundated with fishermen looking for their next big catch.

Earnie Polk said to the reporters on hand “That’s probably the best fish we ever caught.” They should know, these veteran shark fishermen have caught their fair share of sharks in the past. Usually they catch and release, but this Mako put up such a fight that it was too exhausted to ever make it out to sea past the breakers.

Instead of releasing it and letting the shark die a slow death, the two decided to harvest this shark for its meat. They filled out the legal paperwork so they could sell the meat from their catch. They expect they’ll harvest about 600-pounds of meat from this Mako. Is there any money in selling Mako shark you ask?

This type of shark meat fetches $10 a pound at the fish market, the cousins told the media. People had gathered around to get a look at their catch along with the reporters and photographers.

Newsmax reports that this is just another record-breaker for the Polk cousins, who hold three world records for fishing. They hold the record for a Tiger shark at 949-lbs that Joey Polk caught in 2010. That is the biggest fish they've ever caught. The cousins said about their new Mako catch:

"It's a $10-per-pound fish at the fish market. It sell right along with tuna and swordfish. Between all of us, there won't be a bit wasted."

As you can see from the picture above, this is one big shark and it drew a lot of attention, especially because it is believed to be the biggest Mako caught on record. The media ran the cousin’s fishing story on national news today and you have to admit that once seeing this creature from the deep sea, you can't deny it is a marvel of nature!

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