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Making your summer write

It's summer time and many people think of it as a time to catch up on some light reading - books that can fit in the beach bag and don't take much brain-power to read.

I offer you an alternate: the summer write.

Writing in a journal or notebook while relaxing at the ocean, lake, or on the porch can be very satisfying. Being outside offers all your senses a treat: the warmth of the sun on your skin or the tickle of grass under your feet, the smell of flowers or the summer rain, the blue of the sky or the butterfly flitting by, the taste of ice cream or salt air, the songs of the birds or the rustle of the wind in the trees. Stimulating our senses can naturally inspire our creativity. And they don't need much brain-power, often the best writing comes when you don't think too much.

  • A nature poem honoring the beauty around you (poems do not need to rhyme or have any particular structure)
  • A "character" sketch or a moment-in-time (a snap-shot) description of what you see and feel
  • A character sketch of the person sitting next to you at the cafe or pool
  • A journal entry - flow-writing of your feelings in that moment
  • A "letter" to your surroundings, to Mother Nature, to your home, etc. thanking them for what they provide

A notebook is light and easy to tote around. This year, won't you consider it another summer essential to pack alongside your novel and sunblock?

Summer is also a great time to take writing and art classes. Check out the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, Vermont for their summer offerings.


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