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Making your own wrapping paper

Wrapping paper should be relatively cheap, but lately it seems that you can spend more on the wrap than the gift itself. Instead of spending a fortune, try these ideas for cheap gift wrap.

  1. Newspapers and magazines. Wrapping a gift in newspaper was one of the first types of wrapping paper people used. Using the comics section as wrapping paper is old advice, but you can be more creative by layering colorful magazine pages and advertising pages.

  2. Have the kids make it. For children’s birthday parties, it just doesn’t make sense to spend money on wrapping paper that the kid probably won’t even notice. Instead, have your children design their own wrapping paper using supplies they find around the house. They’ll love personalizing the gift, and it gives them an art project.

  3. Look for scrap fabric. Think about old t-shirts and other clothes that you can’t even give to charity. Cut out the rectangular pieces of fabric that aren’t stained or too badly damaged, and use them as wrapping paper. If necessary, cover any large stains with a cheap dye.

  4. Decorate cardboard boxes. Old shoeboxes, mailing boxes, and even used gift boxes can be covered with scrap paper and stickers. Design a sophisticated collage for an adult’s gift, or let your kids get creative for a child’s gift.

  5. Reuse old wrapping paper. Save as much as you can during Christmas and birthday parties. While not everything can be reused, it is possible to reuse a lot. In particular, save gift bags and boxes.

  6. Buy tissue paper in bulk. At many warehouse stores, large sheets of multi-colored tissue paper are sold relatively cheaply. While many people use them or large group craft projects, you can use two or three sheets of layered paper to make a beautiful gift.

  7. Use a baby blanket. Receiving blankets are often sold at yard sales and at discount stores for less than a dollar each. They make great wrapping material or baby shower gifts. Use safety pins to hold the blanket together so that the recipient can reuse it.

  8. Use nothing at all. In many cases, just wrapping the gift in a colorful ribbon or placing a fancy bow on the top is sufficient. For particularly large or unusually shaped gifts, this is a great way to dress up the present without spending a fortune.

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