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Making your own deodorant is not disaster necessity

'"Why are they telling me to cover up my other armpit when I should be getting rid of these toxins?'
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Ok, I’ll bite. I read at the American Preppers Network a recipe for making your own deodorant. Slap my face, a prepper is “a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.” (Google definition) As a prepper, the last thing I am thinking about is deodorant. Furthermore, it isn’t likely that I’ll find time to make it before, during, or after a disaster.

Hygiene is something to put high on the list of concerns however. You see, preppers are concerned about preventing disasters and mitigating their consequences. Poor hygiene can make one sick and possibly die.

Disaster has struck and now you are in survival mode. As a prepper, you have sufficient water, food, and shelter so what is there to worry about except running out the clock until the disaster has run its course? To run out the clock, you must remember to take care of yourself and hope that others who are with you do the same. The idea is to prevent infection and infectious disease.

  1. Wash yourself, hands, body, and including your hair as often as you can.
  2. Keep your nails trimmed and feet cleaned to prevent athlete’s foot.
  3. Brush your teeth. (Preppers have already packed toothpaste and brushes--but if you find that you have forgotten your brush, you know how to make one.) Floss too.
  4. Sleep a lot -- 8-10 hours a day.

Did I say put on your deodorant? No. But, come to think about it, if you don’t wear it, you might develop a rash under your armpits. Then again, with all of that bathing and washing, you may not, unless of course you can’t get dry. At that point, you develop fungus.

How do you prevent fungus? That’s something to worry about.

Women have special needs when it comes to yeast infection, for instance. One solution is to pack vinegar, or to know how to make vinegar.

“I looked into this when doing Anthropology. There is strong evidence that early inhabitants of Northern Europe collected and dried soft moss for bottom-wiping. Ditto for the stone-age inhabitants of the Western Isles, whose megalithic monuments are often forgotten by people teaching the origins of cultures, as theirs are older and more complex than any others, and it has been proven that moving huge stones about and making ring shapes and so on or two standing with a roof stone over them, began in the NW edge of Europe and slowly spread from there to mainland France and then throughout the mediterranean and even as far as the Levant, India and Turkey ! round shaped, open stone enclosures giving privacy and just a short walk from the stone roundhouse typical of that culture have been found, with the remains of human faeces on moss remains, and dated back to those times (about 6 - 7 000 years ago.

From Central and Southern America the Pre-Columbian cultures used the cores of maize cobs, which are still today used as tampons. They are scratchy and rough, but the ones saved for this use are beaten with a piece of wood for a long time until they become soft enough.

According to Bronislav Malinowsky, the Polish-born Anthropologist who wrote "Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays", the south pacific Trobriand Islanders went into the sea to defecate and washed their private parts using a bit of seaweed. All females bathed in the sea daily, and they believed that babies slipped into their wombs whilst they were in the sea, as they had not yet figured out that making love with the boys made them pregnant ! They had special bathing beaches for the girls from those for the boys, the boys had to defecate in the sea too, but they peed all over the place.


Well, if you insist on making your own deodorant, here is the link to the recipe at American Prepper Network. It might be easier to stock up at CVS or Riteaid.

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