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Making Your House a Treat For the Eyes

A well decorated house is always very pleasing to the eyes. But many a times when you walk into a house which has not been decorated professionally or even if decorated professionally, you will come across a few decorating mistakes. This happens because the interior decorating rules have not been followed. These mistakes can be avoided provided you check out following tips and what to avoid regarding decorating every room in the house.

  1. How NOT to Decorate

When we walk into any house whether decorated professionally or not at least one of following mistakes can be observed concerning decoration. This is because of not following certain interior decorating rules. To ensure that these mistakes are not made various rules on how the house should not be decorated be checked out. Just because many people are making such mistakes, you cannot repeat the mistakes.

  1. Sofa Tips and what to avoid

Sofas are biggest investment in any house and cost enough money. They occupy lot of space and you and the family would like to spend reasonable time there. You should be clear about sofa which would look nice in the room and get one using Pepperfry discount coupons. Make efforts to look for sofa that you need to buy the best one. But before buying check rules for sofa tips and what to avoid.

  1. Curtain Tips and what to avoid

Glamour can be added to the house by framing windows having long curtains and drapes. It will add beauty to the room. Besides the tapestry being attractive, it must match with interior of the room and have a good fall. Check rules for curtain tips and what to avoid before actual purchase.

  1. Area Rug Tips and what to avoid

Area rugs can be a good substitute to a wall to wall carpet as they can be cleaned easily and can also be removed without much difficulty. In case you get bored or wish to redecorate, these rugs can be changed conveniently using Fabfurnish coupons. Before using the rugs for your home, check out important rules regarding rug tips and what to avoid.

  1. Lighting Tips and what to avoid

Lighting plays an important role in decorating of house. It can change the look of room and add beauty to it. Ensure proper lighting is done keeping the lighting tips and what to avoid in mind. CouponDekho is a good site to explore various sites for home décor ideas and objects.

6. Throw Pillow Tips and what to avoid

You could use throw pillows for adding pattern and color to the room, make the boring sofa presentable or make a cozy bed more comfortable. You must remember important tip for using throw pillows.

7. Chandelier Tips and what to avoid

Proper selection of chandeliers will make the house look beautiful. But you have to understand the correct size of the chandelier and the height at which it should be placed. So get necessary information for decorating with the help of these lighting fixtures.

8. Table Linens Tips and what to avoid

Linen is very important for table setting because table is generally the show piece of a party and get- together. Before purchasing placements, table cloths, napkins always check table linen tips and what to avoid.

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