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Making your home look the best it can for prospective buyers

When selling your home, it can be very difficult to keep things clean and organized, especially when juggling work, school and the kids. It is very important though to keep your home the looking at its' best at all times.

Buyers generally make a decision on a home in the first few seconds, meaning first impressions are the most important. It can be an odor, such as smoke, a pet or from a garbage can, or just the appearance or dirty dishes in the sink or clothes on the floor that can easily turn off a buyer.

The amount of homes for sale on the market today that are not in prime showing condition is astounding. Sellers are frustrated with longer market time to sell and some are resigned to the fact that it may be a long time before an offer is made.

Staging a home is term now used in real estate that makes the home appear like a model at a new construction site.  Making rooms appear as large as possible by removing some furniture, decorating the dining or kitchen table with place-settings and clearing counter-tops to create more space are just some ways you can stage your home.

There are many factors a seller cannot control in a difficult market, especially when every seller needs to be one step ahead of the others. Keeping your home as pristine as possible is one way the seller can assist in the sale of their home.