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Making time for friends and family in your schedule

Spending time with family should be your first priority.
Spending time with family should be your first priority.
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Making time for others in our busy schedule is often a challenge in this hectic society. Friends and family can feel as if we are avoiding them, while always making time for work. If your kids are begging to be included in your day, there's an issue. What do you do when work and other obligations are eating up your family time?

Making changes without sacrificing job stability.

If you have a hectic work schedule, making time for others means changes must be made. What can be done so that spending time with friends and family doesn't mean losing your job? How can you change your schedule to maintain healthy relationships while still making time for work?

Assess difficulties at a glance.

The first step in making time work for us is a good hard look at the current schedule. If you have no schedule, this could be the problem. Busy people need to have a plan for making time for their own needs and those around them.

Put it on paper.

Spend a few days observing how your typical day is spent. Write down every activity. Now check the daily schedule for ways to increase efficiency. Better efficiency means making time for other activities as well as improving your work schedule to get things done in a timely manner.

Just look at something as simple as a lunch break.

There are many ways of making lunch-time more efficient. Going out for lunch on a daily basis eats up time. Consider making and bringing lunch, especially if going out means running errands or getting lunches for others. Take a half hour to eat lunch. Spend the rest of lunch hour doing something productive to save time for family later.

Multitask on a family level.

Schedule personal appointments and phone calls on work lunch breaks as well. You can chew on a sandwich and talk to a friend at the same time. Schedule an occasional lunch date with your spouse. Making time for family in the middle of a busy work day reinforces your commitment.

Work more efficiently:

Take care of like items on the work schedule at once.

Interviews are a good example of making time. Interviewing several people can take many hours. How about a group interview where the job is outlined and a questionnaire is filled out? Call back only people who fit the job, according to their answers. This technique for making time can free up several hours or even days in a busy work schedule.

Schedule a limited amount of appointments or tasks each day.

Space them as far apart as possible. Try to keep it down to 3-4 appointments per day, making time to take care of unexpected work in between regular tasks and appointments. If nothing unexpected comes your way, take care of the next day's business schedule in advance.

Improving your home life can improve your work life too.

People often find that while making time for the important people in life, they have also lightened their work load and impressed the boss with their efficiency. Clients will appreciate the individual attention they receive from someone who has their schedule under control. Family members and friends will be happy to spend time enjoying life again. Making time in the schedule for everyone is a lifesaver in more ways than one.

Who knows? You may even get that raise you've been needing.

This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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