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Making time for Dating

Dating Between life
Dating Between life
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What is dating? It is the act of getting to know someone before making a full commitment. It is hanging out, creating memories, and those special first moments. It allows you to see who a person is and how they act. Dating is like an introduction or prologue to a novel. It is meant to draw you in and make you curious for what is to come.

However, in the busyness of life, dating takes a back seat. But it doesn't have to. There are several ways to fit it in without interrupting you whole life.

For example, communication is key to any relationship. If you are dating someone, sending messages is always a good way to get to know each other. It allows you the ability to hold a conversation while still doing what you have to do. So whether it's texting, email or whatever, send a message, ask questions or just express a thought.

Next to communicating, putting in some time in person is even harder. But there are those moments that you can squeeze in a meeting or two. Getting together for lunch or in between shifts for some quick face time is good, and can even help to brighten a bad day. Meeting up after or before work is great as well. My favorite thing is to compare schedules and find those pockets of free time.

Dating can often be harder than an actual relationship because you are forming a new connection and it is often very fragile. There is a lot of time and effort to be put in. But whether it does or doesn't work out, dating is essential to the human experience and teaches us so much about ourselves. Therefore, using every moment at your disposal can at the very least add some color to your life.