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Making the Most of Webinar to Push Your Content Marketing Effort

content marketing tips
content marketing tips
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Webinar is a new kid on the block. A tactic of conducting webinar is on its way to become key element in the entire gamut of online content. It has already been proved that webinar is an excellent way to connect to a wider range of audience that too at a global level. However, the key of a successful webinar lies in its effective implementation. At one side, webinar is wooing companies to a great extent, on the other side; it is yet to be proved as a flawless tactic. Here are few oblivious flaws of the same:

Webinar timing
It is difficult to ensure availability of all audience members during webinar.

Level of engagement
Virtual presence of members may not make up for the face-to-face presence. This leads to a higher level of distraction, lengthy conversation and hence has a negative impact on audience engagement level. Nevertheless, this can be addressed by providing extremely compact webinars versions in the format of video blog. Various reasons favor this strategy:

• No one wants to consume much time in browsing websites as numbers of websites are growing day by day.
• Quality is the key. Crisp content in the form of video blog is always appreciable in comparison to a lengthy webinar.
• A direct conversation in the form of a video blog anytime proves to be more interesting in comparison to a slide presentation.
• Less costing proves to be appealing.

Now have a glance on following steps to generate online content for engaging those prospects and customers, who juggle with extremely demanding time schedule.

Opt for advanced technology
Producing an engaging video, demands varied skills in addition with extra hardware. However, the simplicity of a video should not be sacrificed as it works as a major appeal. A simple mobile phone camera can do the needful. If you are keen about the quality, you can opt for a professional videographer. As far as video captured by highly sophisticated cameras like DSLR, etc are concerned, nothing can compete with it. However, to make these videos accessible 24x7, you need to make sure that you have chosen the best web hosting company otherwise, your website will face a barrage of issues like bandwidth limit exceed, 503 error and more.

Select your key points
An outline of a webinar proves to be the foundation for preparing summary of a short video. Crisp content always appeal audiences. Adding a flavor of little humor, bit of data, music, etc, goes a long way in engaging audiences.

Present a dynamic leader
A dynamic leader possesses brilliant capabilities of engaging audiences. On the other side, a nervous leader proves to be a big turn off. Extremely formal talk also repels audiences.

Edit video content before producing it
An efficient editing is must before a video goes viral. There are handfuls of applications for editing including Final Cut Pro, Premiere, iMovie, Final Cut Express, etc. Addition of few elements like photos, music, graphics, etc, will certainly spice up the video content.

Circulate and promote
In order to circulate video, you will require few video hosting websites that includes Vimeo, YouTube, etc. In addition to such sites, you have few more options that include:

• Your own blog or website
• Diverse social media channels like social networking websites, blogs, etc
• In an email blast
• Websites and blogs owned by partner and clients
• Blogs owned by prominent industry experts

Finally, you have learnt few great tricks to engage audiences through producing superior quality videos. But, before you go ahead with using these tricks, go through the summary for quick recalling of key points:

• Organizing webinar is very much in vogue these days.
• By putting bit more effort, more engaging summaries can be created. Such summaries prove to be useful, especially for busy customers.
• Producing video is a great way to enhance visibility through social media channels, email and search engines.
• A video can offer you strategic advantage over your competitors.

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