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Making the Back-To-School shopping easier for you and your children

The Back-to-School process can be stressful for any family.
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Often as the month of August draws to a close you can notice the anticipation in the air as families gear up for the next school season. It can become a hectic time for any parent or child who is preparing for the next year of classes. By planning ahead and breaking down your necessary tasks needed to get ready for school, you can alleviate stress and anxiety for yourself and your child.

  • Make sure you have your school supply lists ahead of time. Do not try to go to the store to purchase supplies without a list. Without being prepared, you risk a second trip to the store for any missed items or you may even spend more than needed by purchasing supplies that your child will not need or use.
  • Break down your spare time. If you don't have an entire day to spend shopping with your children (or don't want to), try doing your Back-To-School shopping in spurts. One day take your child to purchase just shoes and clothes needed, while waiting until next week for the school supplies. Not only will this be shorter time in the store for you both, but you could break up the costs over numerous pay-days so your bank account won't take such a big hit at the end of August.
  • Try shopping without your child. If you can get away with it, do the school shopping yourself. Sometimes you will need to take your children with you to try on clothes, pick out some supplies, but for the most part, purchasing pencils, markers and glue does not require your child's input. Save them from the tedious tasks and get it done quickly on your own.
  • Start planning your school lunch calendar. By having a pre-made calendar of school lunch ideas it will save you time and money at the grocery store when it comes time to get food for the month of September. This will also help your child give their input on what they would like to see in their lunch kit so you know they are getting healthy meals they will actually eat.

Be sure to keep the shopping light and stress-free to help you and your children look forward to a new school year.

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