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Making sure your eBay business is ready for Memorial Day

This coming Monday. May 31st is Memorial Day and I am sure many sellers like you have made plans with friends or family for fun!  However, did you make the necessary plans for your eBay business?

Sure, you plan NOT to be at the computer but what about your customers who have recently ordered an item from you?  Have you reminded them about Memorial Day?

Take a moment this week to properly set your buyers expectations by reminding them that the U.S. Postal service (along with other services) do not offer normal delivery service on that day.  This could cause a slight one day delay in the delivery of your item.

This is very impotent to do with your International orders - remember not every country observes our Memorial Day and many people overseas do not even know that this coming Monday is a holiday.

A delay can occur for International orders that have not left the United States by this Weekend.

Remember, properly setting buyer expectations ia a key to positive feedback on eBay!


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