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Making someone's day in a simple way

...remind them that by sharing with others can heal all parties
Photo by Adam Pretty

Sad issues in the day can deflate your teenager’s spirits. Not doing well on an exam or a tearful break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend can set your teenager’s emotional dial to hopelessness. It’s times like these when you as a parent have to help them to look outside of themselves and push through the sadness. By showing them a real-life example is a good way to let them know that things can work out, even in the bleakest of moments.
CBS Sunday Morning showcased a man in Nebraska who volunteers at a chemotherapy clinic as a greeter. As the patients walk through the door to their chemotherapy treatment, Jon McAlpin’s smile and cheerful conversation brightens their day. Then the report revealed that Mr. McAlpin has terminal cancer and is also a chemotherapy patient at this very clinic.
When he first learned that his life would be cut short, he was naturally depressed. Yet, he resolved to not let this define his remaining days. He would rather spend his time on a worthwhile cause—by passing along to chemo patients a warm smile, encouraging words and a few hugs.
This early morning news story can serve as strong life lessons to your children. What better way to show them that helping others can do wonders to a person’s self-esteem? Also, not letting any limitations (in this instance health) slow a person down. On that same vein, Mr. McAlpin is able to use his empathy to help out patients that may have been scared as they walked through the doors. Another point is everyone has something to contribute. Sometimes a simple gesture, like saying hello, can pump up a person’s spirit, even the greeter’s.

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