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Making Sense out of Scents- Choosing the Right Deer Scent and how to use it

With so many deer scents to choose from, how do you know which one to use?

The art of 'Scentology' can best be described as the study of scent- and to consistently be successful hunting whitetail deer, there is much more to it than just spraying some deer pee close to your stand.

A whitetail buck is ready to breed from the time he loses his velvet until well after he drops his antlers. After chasing deer for over thirty-five years, you learn a few things about your game. The most important tip I can give is this- the very thing that protects a whitetail- their nose- is the very thing that can be their demise. Bucks are just like dogs- they like to scent check everything and if you put something out there they like- they'll come to it on a string- which is a great way to dispense your deer scent.

Many deer hunters have gotten in a habit of putting deer scent on their boots. The ironic thing is that most bowhunters hunt out of a tree stand. Think about this- deer pee on the ground- not up in a tree. Do not give a wise old buck any reason to look up- place your scent either on the ground or on the lower branches of a tree- preferably near or on a licking branch. By placing your tree stand downwind of where you place your scent will increase your chances of getting a shot within bow range.

A much better application than spraying scent on your boots is to use a scent drag. This will serve two purposes- you are laying a scent trail on the ground for deer to follow and you also then have a yardage marker which can help you judge the distance to your target. Another great way to dispense your scent is by using Tink's scent bombs. They are self contained, resuable, and their flourescent orange color are easy to see to use as a yardage marker or to help locate your stand in the dark early morning hours on the way to your stand. Placing your scent on the absorbant scent pad inside the Tink's scent bomb will give you 'more buck' for your buck..........

Now that I have described how to use scent, I guess I should tell you what scent to use. There are food source scents, doe in estrous scents, buck urine, tarsal glands- there's even real deer poop in a bag if you do enough research- you'll find it. Tink's #69 has been the number one selling deer scent for many years. There is a reason for that- it works. Another fantastic scent to use is Standing Estrous from Code Blue. The comparison between the two is almost like Chevy versus Ford- they both work great when used properly. I like to use both buck and doe scent on two separate drags however buck scent will have younger bucks keep their distance but bring the big boys in to see who the new buck is trailing 'his' doe.

Be sure to check out Sportsmen's Outdoor Strategies TV airing on Thursday at 1 PM on Versus and look for Terry Rohm's spots on scent strategies every week. Another great source for information on proper use and how to use deer scent is the 'Making Sense out of Scents' video spotlight on USA Outback TV that airs exclusively on the internet. An entire half hour program on 'Making Sense out of Scents' is available for viewing at that will turn you in to a 'scentologist'.

Hopefully, these strategies will help you tag that buck of a lifetime.

Check out Sportsmen's Outdoor Strategies TV at Also check out 'Making Sense out of Scents at

Happy Hunting!!