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Making Sense of Men Seminar

Orange County native, Alison Armstrong has created a workshop that is supposed to, as suggested, help women "make sense of men". The workshop makes a stop in San Diego April 27th to spend three hours discussing the mysteries that surround male behavior.

As an expert on the behavior of men (and women), Alison is to teach her audience how better to communicate in relationships, answer questions on how men respond to women and what signs men give to show that they're feelings are genuine.

Of course, when invited to this event, my first reaction was that of pure disbelief. My cynicism kicked in immediately as I thought to myself, what can she possibly say in the span of one evening that will make me feel more enlightened? Then again, what could she say that would make me feel less so?

For those of you wanting to feed your own curiosity, she will be hosting this workshop/seminar for FREE. So nothing to lose, right?

What: Making Sense of Men Seminar

Where: Del Mar Marriott - 11966 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA

When: Thursday, April 21st at 6:30pm

Why: Don't you want to make sense of men?

Click here to reserve your space at the event and to learn more about Alison Armstrong.

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