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Making Sense of it All

As a woman it is very important to know where you stand in a relationship. Quite frankly, sometimes your role is simply a catalyst. Sometimes you are viewed as a victim. However, only when a man respects you are you viewed as a prize. This article will thoroughly explain just how complex the man code is.

In this journey called life there is no rule which states fairness to all. Therefore, one must be willing to embrace and accept all of the strategy and game that life entails. Men are not always clear with communication. To some, the main goal is to have several women swooning over them. Therefore, let me explain what a catalyst is. A catalyst is the woman that is used to make another woman jealous.

To become a catalyst there is several criteria. The first rule of thumb in the man code is that you will rarely meet the other woman. If you do meet her, a man will have planted a far fetched portrayal. Therefore, you will want little to do with her. Essentially, her image is based solely on what has been told to you. Therefore, this compels one to strive to be the complete image of perfection.

To some men you will only be viewed as a victim. Yes, a man will sleep with a victim. However, he does not respect the victim. He may do nice things for the victim such as dinner, monetary gifts, etc. However, when he meets his ideal candidate guess what? She too will know about the victim. In fact, she may strive to be like everything other than the victim. If he by chance marries her, the relationship is essentially over. Very few women want their man to feel any type of way about another woman period.

The last type of woman in a relationship is the woman a man respects. Man code means that she is a prostitute in bed, but perceived in a virginal angelic light. Realistically, women too are learning the game. Just watch one episode of “Snapped”. There are several men who are solely aesthetic emotional based men. By this I mean cook like a chef, have sex like a porn star, boost his ego, and walk away with daddy’s whole pay check. A man can truly become a victim to how he feels while negating the reality of what he really has.

I would never encourage being a scandalous woman in a relationship. However, it is just very wise to be cognizant of some of the dynamics occurring in relationships. Personally, I have too many goals and aspirations to be a woman concerned with taking the slice of another’s pie. My make up does not have a get over bone in me. Arguably, to some that is the exact reason why I’m single. I encourage all to seriously assess where you stand in your current and/or past relationship.

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