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Making Scents: Create Your Own Wine Aroma Perfume, Body & Home Fragrances

It's a known fact that when you're tasting wine, you should refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or other scents that interfere with the sensory experience of sipping vino.

According to the Wine Bytes blog on, winemakers encourage tasters not to "wear perfume, cologne, or heavily scented lotions, [as] they will affect trying to pick up the aromas of the wine, alter your perception in its taste and ruin the experience for others."

So for those who can't get enough of the flavors and scents in their favorite reds and whites, Salud Scent Studio has created a line of bath, body and home products based on custom blended wine aromas.

"My friends who are winery owners would insist that I was not supposed to wear perfume while my nose was in the glass," said owner and creator Kelly Podorsek. "I definitely appreciate the 'no perfume in the tasting room' rule but I wanted to prove them wrong and create scents that make both wine and perfume more approachable."

Salud Scent Studio sent me a sample flight of popular wine aromas to try. I'm not a big perfume-wearer and when I do, I like subtle, natural scents. I expected wine-scented aromas but instead, the Chardonnay aroma was lightly scented with hints of vanilla and caramel and Merlot reminiscent of fig, fresh rhubarb and violet.

Not a wino? You can create your own scent to be delivered right to your door to keep you smelling sweet all season.