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Making quality time with your cat

I can light up your life
I can light up your life
Karla Kirby

Cats, like children need quality time spent on them. This could include lap time, play time and grooming sessions. Be your cat’s best friend.

Selecting the right time during the day to persuade your cat to play is very important. Because feline tend to nap during the day, it is implausible that she/he will want to play if she/ he is in a sleepy mood or if you disturb him. If your cat comes to you in quest of attention, use that time as an opportunity that your cat is awake and ready to play.

Cats respond to movement, sound and scents, and there are many toys out there with which your cat will want to play. It may be an object as basic as a piece of string that will keep your cat, amused simply by either dangling it in front of him/her, or by pulling it along the floor to be chased. Other toys may contain a little bell that cats will respond to because the tingling sound... Many cat toys also contain enticing catnip, a natural plant that will give your cat a sharp sense of excitement, making him/her more likely to play longer.

Cats adore the outside, be it exploring the garden or the soft grassy yard. Be sure to supervise and keep a close vigil on curious kitty though. Strange noises can frighten the high leaping, fast running cat, so be on top of it all at all times.

Though most cats automatically respond to toys and string, if your cat doesn't feel secure in the environment you have afforded and the care that you give, then he/she is less likely to want to play with you. Make sure your cat has a habitual schedule of nutritional food and drink, and a bed or chair in which he/she can catnap and be relaxed. Once your cat feels at home and loved, he/she will be more likely to play with you and the interactive toys you provide.

Once kitty is played out, it is a good time for a grooming session and after that lap and nap time. Keep kitty an important part of your life, don’t forget why you adopted him/her in the first place and always=always offer kitty lots of love

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