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Making Pet First Aid Kits for your home and Vehicle

If you own pets you should be prepared at home or in your car for an accident or emergency. I'm going to help you get started in making your own home and vehicle pet first aid kits so you can be prepared in case of an injury!
If you own pets you should be prepared at home or in your car for an accident or emergency. I'm going to help you get started in making your own home and vehicle pet first aid kits so you can be prepared in case of an injury!
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Pet First Aid Kit

We want to help all pet parents put together their very own PET FIRST AID KITS! It's easy and fun!

This article is for all pet parents who would like to make their own pet first aid kit, one for the house and one for the car. Don't forget to print this list when you head out to shop for the items!

I wish mommy had a Pet First Aid Kit

First, we always advise that you make your own pet first aid kit yourself so you know exactly what is in it and where everything is located. You can spend less than $20 putting items in it or you can go to a pet store and purchase a pre-packaged Pet First Aid Kit for $30-$80. Not that those aren't adorable but we guarantee you that what you're really paying for is the Brand Name and the look of the kit and not much more. We find they typically have very few helpful items but an incredibly cute package!

Not too many people think of this but what happens when you really need to stabilize your pet quickly for transport to your vet?So you scatter around the house looking for supplies and items to use? Sort of scary isn't it? What about if you were in your vehicle and found an injured pet on the side of the road, do you have what you'd need to assist and transport in your vehicle?

Let’s take a look at some quick things you can put together in your home and kit. Most of these items can be found at your local Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Target or Walmart. Some of you may even see things that you have in your own cupboard. You may want to have one for your home as well as your car.

A great Pet First Aid Kit should be durable and strong, not flimsy. We find that Home Depot or Lowe's has small, medium and large fishing or tool tackle boxes for $8-$14. Either is perfect for a kit!

Basic Pet First Aid Kit:

Ouchie. I need a bandaid!

· Sterile Gauze pads (3x3) and Gauze Rolls, 1 and 2 inch. (To slow or stop bleeding)

· 1” adhesive tape (To secure bandage material)

· Tweezers (To remove cacti, thorns, glass, etc.)

· Small bandage Scissors (to cut any tangled twine, etc.)

· Rectal Thermometer- preferably a 10 second thermometer as animals do not tolerate this for much longer (Please use lubricator such as vaseline or ky jelly before insertion) This is especially helpful if one of your pooches has been outside too long and you want to know the body temperature in case of heat stroke. Remember, normal canine and feline temperature normals are 100.5/102.5 F. If higher or lower, you may have some trouble on your hands!)

· Antibiotic Ointment such as Neo Sporin (for small cuts, lacerations)

· Hydrogen Peroxide (Only to be used with Veterinary Recommendation) H2O2 is used to induce vomiting. You should always call your veterinarian prior to inducing vomiting. Some poisons can cause more harm coming back up the esophagus!)

· Eye Dropper for delivering medication or water (small birds, kittens, puppies)

· Thick/Heavy Leather Gloves (For handling fractious cats or dogs) Remember, cats can be dangerous!! Don't ever try to pick up a cat you don't know with bare hands!

  • A medium to Large Towel can assist in moving a fractious or angry feline or canine. Just toss the large towel or blanket over the entire animal and scoop up carefully.

· Splint material- can use books, rolled up magazines, tongue depressors, or a rule. (Tongue depressors can be found at your local Michaels Arts and Crafts Store for a box of 500 that costs just $6!) You can also pick up a Square bandage at a home health store that is heavier and more sturdy to tie the splints on securely.

· Slip leash (to keep an animal secured so they cannot run off if they are injured) You can use your foot to step on the end so you don't get hurt if the animal tries to bite or run)

· Canned cat or dog food to entice a scared puppy, kitten or adult animal out of hiding

· Muzzle (Can be a temporary muzzle to use so when you need to move the pet to transport, it will not bite. Any pet in pain or moved into pain can and will bite!) You can also purchase Muzzle Set's at Ryan's Pet Supplies or PetSmart.

· A Whistle to blow for help

Additional Vehicle Items

  • Any flat piece of plywood or a baking pan (They make for great gurney's for transport!)
  • Kennel (Can be small, medium, cardboard, plastic) anything you can use to transport an animal to the vet clinic)
  • Flashlight
  • Large Blanket or Towel
  • Garbage bags

Hopefully this will assist you with creating your own unique and tailored Pet First Aid Kit. We'd love to post pictures of one's you've created! Just email them to Kim at and we'll let you know when they will be shown to everyone!

Thanks pet parents! Be Safe, Be Happy and LOVE your pet's! Don't forget.... ADOPT-DON'T SHOP!

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