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Making New Year's resolutions with your kids

Every January, adults are notorious for making (and breaking) New Year's resolutions.  They get excited about a new year; are committed for a few weeks; and then somewhere along the line, they give up or forget about their resolutions all together.

What about helping your children make New Year's resolutions?  Making resolutions can be for kids of all ages.  They will learn about goal-setting and action-planning.  In addition, it will provide a little "friendly" competition between parent and child.

Resolutions are simply declarations, which include some couse of action.  Common resolutions for adults include:  losing weight, stop smoking, reading the bible more, and getting out of debt.  Children can make resolutions based on their age or interests.  They can be personal, academic, or social.  An elementary aged child may strive to make the honor roll, while a high school student may want to improve their SAT scores.  A younger kid may resolve to make the T-ball team, yet, an older kid may set a goal of improving their batting average.

Resolutions can also be social or personal for children.  Maybe your child wants to learn a new skill or try a new hobby this year.  Socially, they may decide to make two new friends, attend a school dance, or join an after-school club. 

Again, a popular resolution for both kids and adults are to become physically fit and improve their eating habits.  This is a resolution that everyone in the entire family can participate in.  All kids can make resolutions regarding household chores.

Whatever resolutions your child decides to make, here are a few tips to help them out:

  • choose ony 2-3 resolutions to focus on
  • write them down
  • make them achievable
  • come up with a step-by-step action plan
  • plan a reward if the resolution is achieved

Keeping your child on track may even motivate you to stick to your resolutions.

Stay committed and good luck!


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