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Making Mother's Day special


Photo by Roland Lakis

If advertisers are to be believed, one might think that Mother’s Day would be a complete disappointment if Mom wasn’t showered with lavish gifts, allowed a day filled with spa treatments, treated to an expensive meal, etc. While this may be reality for some married moms from financially-able families as well as a few lucky single moms, most of us are perfectly happy with much less. Mother’s Day is really about your kids showing you how much they love and appreciate you, and it’s important that you give them the opportunity to do just that. As a single mom, you may be accustomed to doing everything, which can make it difficult for you to let the kids do things for you. In a perfect world, the father of your kids (even if you are divorced) would help the kids decide what gift to make or buy, or what to do for you on Mother’s Day. This would not only help you out, but would also help your children learn how to be thoughtful and loving human beings. Since this world is far from perfect, the responsibility to help arrange for your own Mother’s Day celebration may fall on your shoulders. Here are some suggestions that might help:

Photo by Richard Masoner

 • Let your children make you breakfast in bed, using whatever they know how to make. Your breakfast may only consist of animal crackers, a peanut butter sandwich and cereal, but the important thing is that the kids make it (and clean up after themselves!) without any help from you.
• Ask the kids to make you a drawing or card, expressing how much you mean to them through writing and/or art. (Or they could even write you a little song, if they are musically inclined.)
• Ask the kids to try to think of something nice they could do for you on Mother’s Day. If they need help thinking of something, give them a few suggestions such as cleaning the car, massaging your shoulders, weeding the flower garden, cleaning the house, etc.
• If your children get an allowance, you might suggest that they buy something small and inexpensive using their own money. Take them with you on one of your regular shopping trips and either allow them to split up from you to do their shopping, or hang around nearby while they’re picking out something for you (but don’t peek!)

 Relax and enjoy!

• Let the kids organize a family day including outdoor and/or indoor activities such as kite-flying, bike riding, a picnic by the Poudre River or at City Park in Fort Collins, movies, board games, popcorn, etc. (You might want to stress that you would like some time to relax as well if you'd prefer not to have the day jam-packed with activities!)

Whatever your kids decide to do for you, let them do it on their own as much as possible. Expressing how much they love you is as valuable to them as it is to you.

Enjoy this precious time together and have a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day!



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  • Doug DeVine 5 years ago

    When parents are divorced, it helps the children if both parents can put aside their feelings and help the children to either buy a small gift or make a card for their mommy or daddy. Don't forget Fathers Day - it's just as special.

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