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Making lunch more enjoyable, the British (and European) way

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A few years ago I worked at an odd British firm. Though the Brits have a slightly different way of doing business, the firm was actually not too odd, save for one person who was especially odd. (In truth this was an American who combined bizarreness with incompetence way behind anything seen in The Office, either the British or American version).

One time out to lunch at a nearby Tex-Mex restaurant with the dozen or so staffers that ere in the office, I made a crack to the Brit who was in charge of the local outpost after he had ordered a glass of wine, if it was traditional for the British to order a white wine with Tex-Mex. No, he replied after a pregnant pause, it was traditional for the British to order a drink because it was lunchtime.

And, that is certainly a way for a more enjoyable lunch, whether Tex-Mex or not. It always made for a less productive afternoon for me, unfortunately. Hemingway, I’m not.