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Making lists and the art of achieving your dreams

Write It Down Make It Happen
Write It Down Make It Happen
Harriet Anne Klauser

Last night some friends and I had the pleasure of attending an opening at the Blue Gallery for local Kansas City artist Lisa Lala. The theme of the exhibit was "Lists". Lisa shared with those of us in attendence the value that she and her family had always placed on making lists. Lisa believes that if you really want something, you should write it down. Part of the presentation was a wall of lists that she had been collecting that contained over a thousand lists from people from all walks of life from business owners and employees, news reporters and government officials to students and scientists. Other pieces on display were beautiful oil paintings where people's lists were subtly interwoven with colors and brush strokes.

All of this called to mind a book I read a while back that explains how writing something down actually helps to manifest your goals. In her book "Write It Down, Make It Happen" author Harriette Anne Klauser divulges how putting things down on paper alerts the part of the brain known as the reticular activating system. RAS is actually a filtering system for your brain and making a list sets up the filter.

An example of this is when your dream is to have a certain type of car and suddenly you start seeing this kind of car everywhere and you wonder where all of these cars are coming from. Well the cars have always been around but when you write something down your RAS is activated which in turn sends a signal to your cerebral cortex which then says, "Hey, pay attention." For you it is like finding a small nugget of gold in a pan full of gravel. Putting pen to paper activates your brain to work overtime to help you achieve your dreams. This is the scientific explanation of faith.The secret is to never doubt that this will work as it shorts out the whole system, but that's another article. By the way, this is a great secret to share with your children.

In the meantime the only other question to ask is, "What's on your list?"

For more information on Lisa Lala's exhibit contact the Blue Gallery at 816-527-0823.