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Making it matter: Master Design certifications for senior managers

The Maritz Institute
The Maritz Institute
The Maritz Institute

This month, Maritz Motivation Solutions, announced that 21 team members were among the inaugural class of Master Designers certified by The Maritz Institute. Here’s why it matters for the company and their clients.

Master Designer Certification represents an important way that Maritz Motivation Solutions and other Maritz businesses are collaborating with The Maritz Institute to advance a people-centered approach to the design of business solutions for Fortune 500 client companies. Colleagues from Maritz Loyalty Marketing and Maritz Research were also among those earning certification.

Each Master Designer completed a challenging educational curriculum that included a master class taught by leading neuroscience and design thinking educators, mentoring colleagues and demonstrating knowledge application.

Master Designers serve Maritz clients by applying design principles based on the latest in human science research to create highly engaging experiences for people participating in sales and channel incentive programs, employee recognition programs and consumer loyalty programs.

The Maritz Institute is a network of thought leaders advancing the human sciences in business. Their vision is to unleash human potential by inspiring and enabling people-centered business solutions that create better business and better lives.

“Our Master Designers are leading the way in applying people-centered design to the business challenges our clients face,” said Steve Maritz, chairman and CEO of Maritz Holdings Inc. and founder of The Maritz Institute.

The Master Designers Certifications represented diverse areas of expertise including Solution Design, Client Services, Sales, Marketing and Creative Services with Maritz Motivation Solutions.

For more info visit Maritz Motivation Solutions and The Maritz Institute.