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Making gravy: Tips for a healthier gravy

The secret to healthier gravy is to use just the brown juices that are naturally expelled from the meat during the cooking process.

Enjoy a healthy gravy over your meats!
Jackson Cooking Examiner / Beverly Mucha

In order to do this you need to spoon off as much of the fat from the juices as possible.

Cook the meat juices in the original pan the meat was cooked in or transfer it to a smaller sauce pan.

Once this is done add in enough flour to absorb the juices and blend it into some vegetable broth in lieu of a roux of flour and butter. Cook the gravy on a medium to high flame at a low rolling boil.

As the gravy thickens you can season it lightly to bring out more of the natural flavors the meat juices brought to the gravy.

What do you smother or pour gravy on?

Mashed potatoes, pot roast, beef tips, stuffing or open faced sandwiches to name a few wonderful dishes to enjoy gravy on.

Smother your meat and mashed potatoes with a healthier tasting gravy!

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