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Making donations to flood victims

Taken July 8, 2010 of our International Bridge #2.
Taken July 8, 2010 of our International Bridge #2.
AP Photo by Miguel Tovar

After having been evacuated from their homes, people in Laredo now have to face going back to find what's been left of their belongings. Many took with them home appliances, clothing and things dear to them. Now these people need the community's assistance to help rebuild their lives.

When helping out, people usually donate the obvious which is water, food and clothing. There is nothing wrong with donating those items, only, sometimes we have to realize these people lost many things other than just that. They will also need toiletries, and here are some ideas for items to donate.

Baby Shampoo/Body Wash:  Many of the people affected by the flood have babies. Unfortunately, you can't use regular shampoo/body wash on them but a more baby-friendly one. When making your donations please consider these items.

Toothpaste & Toothbrushes: Again, with these types of items, keep in mind the children affected by this as well as the adults.

Deodorant: When you're being evacuated from your home, the last thing you might think about salvaging is probably deodorant. With this item, think both for men and women.

Radio stations, local news stations and other groups are accepting donations at this time. KGNS will be accepting from 10 am - 7 pm until this Friday, as well as Guerra Communications. Also, local parishes are accepting donations but for more information on that, dial 311.


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