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Making check deposits from home not so far fetched


AP Photo / Tom Hevezi

My inner geek is excited today because I just found out about a new iPhone application that will make depositing checks more convenient and will do away with a trip to the bank.

Not that I don't like the folks at my local branch, they're always good to me, but its not often my hours and the banks hours align which means a trip on Saturday morning with everyone else who works during the week. And I do everything else online or through ATM and Debit Card and those stray checks are the only thing that is keeping me popping into the branch.

Remote deposit capture (RDC) has typically been geared toward businesses which are receptive to having the scanning equipment at their location and to paying the costs involved in setting it up. Until now, it has been somewhat cumbersome for the average consumer to use RDC.

The iPhone application could not be simpler. It walks users through taking the photo, verifying that the image is readable, then uploading to the bank.

USAA bank in Texas worked to develop the application for the iPhone. Check out the demo on YouTube, it looks so easy even my dad could do it. They appear though to have been beaten to market by tiny WV United FCU headquartered in Charleston, WV. They rolled out this new service and are using the standard application available on in the iTunes application store.

Looking for a local bank with an iPhone offering? I wasn't able to find one, but banks like Liberty Bank in Middletown Connecticut have been offering RDC for its commercial customers for some time now, and they're a leader in our market place. You can bet I'll be watching them and others for the first bank to come out with this service around here. And I'll be reporting it to you as soon as I find one. If you know of one I've missed, comment below or shoot me an email. And remember, if this is something you would use as a service, tell your financial institution. More often than not, they're listening to what their customers want.


  • Kate 5 years ago

    I've actually been banking with USAA for the past 8 years, and LOVE their deposit at home feature on their website. I can't remember the last time I walked into a bank to do my personal banking. And, there's no pressure to get the check anywhere before a branch closes. You can do it at midnight in your PJs, and you have immediate access to the funds. It's wonderful.