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Making cents out of an Island Nation, America

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Making cents out of an Island Nation, America
America throughout her history as recorded by mankind has seen its own share of wars in a very short period of time within her boarders as well as abroad. Each war she has engaged in no matter how reluctantly at times it may have seemed was destined to free mankind from an oppressive ideology imposed by a repressive regime.

Yet from the beginning throughout her quest to aide others her internal strength has formed her manufacturing of personal goods as well military. This strength has given her financial stability and the ability to help others overtime. It has also placed a very young nation on the world’s center stage for which other nations either scorn or applaud. America like so many other nations has shed her blood across the shiny seas all too often it would seem, in the hope that all societies will be free to prosper as they were intended under God. Once her goal was completed she left it up to those nations she had come to aide to determine how they would be governed under their laws, very little other nations had done the same throughout time.

There were great wars, known to be World Wars and from the beginning of those wars one small nation known as America was set aside like an island nation and became the epitome place for investors to move money from lands that were under siege and build armaments intended on shelling opposing lands. This island nation at the time prospered, while other lands were witness to ongoing horrific and tragic scenes as bombs continued to rein down upon their lands. Where once great factories and homes scattered foreign lands that were under military siege only smoke and rubble remained, reminding mankind that there had once been a proud civilization that had prospered for generations before the war on those lands. Eventually the wars grew silent as they always do with the passage of time and each nation that was war torn turned to this island nation known as America to provide machinery, tools and human necessities to rebuild again. As they did, America continued to prosper as it met their new demands all the while believing there would be an end to the incoming orders. With each offer, businesses prospered and government set its sights on setting a man on the moon. By all accounts it was the best and worst of times for mankind, where mankind could dream the impossible, rebuild and dream again.

Yet in a very short time big business realized that the nations they helped rebuild from the devastation's of prior wars were in fact becoming their own competition, yet government barely took notice as it began promising the promise land to its employees in the form of favorable pensions to be paid at a later date, money it seemed was never to be an obstacle again as it was prior to these wars. Nevertheless, big business was the first to take action by what it called employee evaluations, later known as downsizing and maximizing profits, this was the first warning sign that money was growing tight, but credit was always available hiding this scheme to the average American. The second was in response to substantially downsized profit lines created by overseas competition, big business seized upon the opportunity to recapture its robust profit lines and started moving their investments to offshore lands and building new manufacturing facilities there. Two income families became common to offset this growing problem as money that once flowed freely continued to become a problem. Manufacturing which had secured Americas industrial power and wealth was replaced by more credit card freedoms as America sought goods from other foreign lands that were once made upon her lands. It was now apparent that the well that gave this once island nation it over abundance of wealth had dispersed to other lands, as if it was water trickling into the sands of the desert where everyone would now have to compete to drink the same amount of water. Some would get more than others, it all depended upon how sophisticated their elected leaders were in dealing with big business enterprises.

Yet this island nation continued to enter into wars at a great cost to her and overtime it would seem no matter how hard she had tried to set people free in certain parts of the world it really didn't matter to them. For in a very short period time they were given freedom and yet the price they had to pay to maintain this freedom was more than they were willing to afford. For overtime they would return in part to what dominated them before this island nation had arrived. It was not this island nations failure, it was the people of the region who had failed themselves, they alone had allowed what had come before to overwhelm them once again.

Nevertheless, there is always another long term cost to one’s own military actions that can impact the ability of a nation to pay its debt and to develop further. From this, this young island nation known as America she would quietly learned new daily terms. These words would replace more favorable terms such as surplus; as prestige, wealth and power began slipping from her hands. New concerning words that were barely mentioned before would continue to pop up and down as if a bobber tied to a fish in the water, deficits, government shut downs, loss of taxable revenue, social security cut backs and so many more.

For those who had once worked but no longer could find employment government had an answer.It choose to stigmatize unemployment benefits to those who once proudly worked and now struggle to find work in a new economy where big businesses are now only hire part time employees to avoid paying mandated insurance costs. It was governments answer in part to implementing a cost saving measures and cast doubt on why the rich should pay their fair share of the burden. Yet amid these words, there is very little mention of those who could have worked but never did that exploited the welfare system when the economy was at its best. There is very little mention of a referendum to be put forth by the public to review the rising costs of government pensions, yet there are words constantly about the cost of social security costs which are a mere pittance when taken in consideration of the payouts per individual.

Some may debate could this ongoing if not seemingly tragedy of events ever been averted. Maybe the answer lies with a man who once ran for office of the President of this island nation not so long a time ago. He told the people then with his funny charts where they were heading and how he could help correct their course. The truth then was a price the people were not willing to pay or admit, instead they choose to ignore him, elect politicians whose grasps on business matter and world affairs were well beyond their grasp. Those that were elected understood that giving the people what they wanted and telling them what they wanted to hear insured they would be elected to office, yet it did little to address the problem. What it did was postpone the problem for another administration and another generation, but by doing this people became accustom to the problem and lulled into believing that what they were seeing was always the way it was before.

Where this once lone island nation walked upon the moon it now finds its space suits are 35 years out of date, it space shuttle is locked away in remembrance of prouder days. Where Americans once walked on the moon it now find products in their pockets they cannot remember buying from super stores that originally promised selling mostly American made products when they were founded now made in China. This rapid export of wealth in favor of trinkets and beads has given nations like China the financial resources to rove across the moon where we once stood and build dams and sky scrapers faster, while our bridges and roads crumble faster.

This once proud island nation, America has inadvertently blinded itself by telling itself it is the only greatest nation on earth, instead of saying as our ancestors who had come before paving the way with their sacrifice we can and shall always strive to do better. To dream the unimaginable and set goals as explores who had come before once dared to do, we shall also do. Yet we find ourselves immobile, afraid to move claiming a right at times to a home we can no longer afford, looking for someone else to do it for us or cry of an ailment that a lesser person would walk away from.We have allowed ourselves into believing that government can and will resolve all our problems for us, yet we have difficult time understanding that government is only a shadow of the people, whose will is a reflection of the will of the people.

To sit in a chair defeated is not what we were put here for, nor is it acceptable or honorable. We are explores that thrive on the unacceptable and this alone gives us the satisfaction of knowing we as a people are strong enough and proud enough to join the ranks of those that came to this land from a foreign land full of uncertainty, but strong enough to move across the land and believe in oneself.. For those read this message now it is important to understand it is our turn for this short period of time to be heard and what we do in years to come is critical to the future prosperity of this once lone island nation. We must decide at times what is not best for ourselves, but what is best for the future of our nation. We must realize at some point as taxes and costs continue to rise that government is no longer our own personal toy piggy bank and maybe it best to stay at home and rebuild on our lands instead foreign lands.We have done more than others over a short period of time, but its time to invest into ourselves so we may continue to compete on a global scale without being exploited by those who look to our military as the only solution to our problems.

The reality is many have come before us and many shall come after. To consider one so special, ignores the statement that we are now competing on a global scale of over 7 billion other special people around the globe now competing for every dollar we hold. The only difference there maybe is the education we instill in our children that will allow them to compete on a global scale. When our children fail, we as parents, adults and society fail them. It is not the school alone that is their primary teacher; it is the home, the streets then the school. It takes all three to work as a team to provide our children with everything they need to know to compete in this world. For we are no longer just an island nation, we are Americans that know how to compete when faced with a challenge and today although we may not want to see it, we are faced with so many challenges as we move beyond today.

To put all of this in perspective according to the National Debt Clock the following should be noted.

"The estimated population of the United States is 317,388,257

so each citizen's share of this debt is $54,590.31.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$2.72 billion per day since September 30, 2012!"



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