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"Making an Impact"

Steps to success
Steps to success
Posted by Maria Palma

Over the weekend, I had a chance to speak with an old friend of mine from school, and we discussed issues from back in the school days till present. I was surprised at how her mindset has changed so drastically from being an honor student with a masters in business too being unemployed. She stated that she moved away and started working for corporate for 6 years and after 6 years the company stated that she wasn't needed. She said that she was always on time,attendance was great, and she did her job, but later found out that they gave her position to someone who had just completed college and that they were looking for someone fresh and energetic. They told her that over the years her performance was not being fulfilled within company standards and this has really taken a toll on her mentally! Since then she has basically given up on going any further to accomplish her goals. This is something that happens each and everyday in our society. You give your all to a company and sometimes it just isn't enough but when it comes down to that, what do you do? You go forth with greater expectations,start working on becoming your own corporate,small business,CEO and etc. The same skills you gave to your job put them in motion for your own benefits I strongly believe the best accomplishment you can have is when you invest in yourself even if you fail at least you can say I tried then not doing it at all. I understand the fear of it by jumping out on your own, but instead of having that fear in your heart have commitment to succeed within, trust me it goes a long way. Regardless of what you are up against right now know that you have the authority to change your situation. If you don't like your job you can always find another,if you feel you don't get paid enough there is always one that pays more. Basically I am showing you that you hold the key to your next accomplishment.Let Me ask you a question,have you ever applied for a job and they told you that you were overqualified? Well I know you probably was thinking that is even the more to hire me,right? Yes,that is the thought but that is simply not the answer. Instead of taking it as a let down take it to heart, meaning just think to yourself it's their loss. If they couldn't appreciate the experiences you have then they you didn't need them in the first place. You pick up the pieces and carry on, that was just a company who was not going to value your worth. They actually did you a favor! Focus on your perfections and build your own destiny.You want a career or job that will allow you to be the best,allow you to be rewarded for your hard work. That experience that you have given the company you will always have it to take with you every where you go. So if you want to reach higher heights first believe in yourself, and know that what you have on the inside of you can be used for the greater good. If no one else can see your potential stand firm and build your foundation by making an impact in what you believe,and that my friend is you!