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Making America Healthier One Spyder 360 at a Time

In a society saturated by the fat of trends and habits so to speak, one common indulgence standing fast for so long has been obesity. The Spyder 360 however is taking care of that.
In a society saturated by the fat of trends and habits so to speak, one common indulgence standing fast for so long has been obesity. The Spyder 360 however is taking care of that.
Nashville News Today

By Paul Fitzgerald - New invention out of Nashville, TN, gives you more for less

In a society saturated by the fat of trends and habits so to speak, one common indulgence standing fast for so long has been obesity.

Doctors and nutritionists in the USA have highlighted for years the increasing instance we are all unknowingly drilling new holes in our belts to keep our ballooning waistlines up.

But those messages can be easy lost in a flurry of fast food ads almost daring us to experience exaggerated portions and preparations, triple hamburgers and deep fried chocolate. It becomes easy to lose focus of what’s a better choice.

Despite aggressive campaigns and initiatives launched by Federal and State governments, the weight of these poor choices has proven immense on the American people and the healthcare system.

However, butting back against the forces of fat, the idea sprawling out amongst all ages and generations, getting back into the gym, getting back into shape, getting more active, shaking off the easy ho-hum of saying, “I can’t do it.” Then realizing not only can it really be done, but there are fantastic tools available now to help ensure results are easy, reasonable and more effective.

Physical trainers and health experts are pushing the strong endearing message of a happier, healthier lifestyle by making the efforts now to avoid daunting health related issues later.

They are helping to shed the outdated notion that physical fitness still resembles the old grainy image in our head of dusty worn sneakers, a jump rope and a rusty stationary bike by introducing the world to inventions and innovations making huge strides in the fitness world with equal aggression.

One such inventive entrepreneur making these strides is Johnathan C. Smith.

The Nashville native who brought success to the likes of international business giants Motorola, Sony, Mars Inc., Hefty, and Brach’s Candies over the last ten years.

Refusing to relinquish his fierce grip on the pulse of growing trends has surged forward staying fresh and sharp setting his scope onto the fitness world and over the last few years has created and begun marketing on a smash hit with his ingenious Spyder 360, an invention with wheels all its own in a sense.

Crafted with omni-directional ball bearings, The Spyder 360 is taking pushups by the collar and saying, “oh c’mon we can do way better that this.”

The hand or foot guided Spyder 360 has latched on and taken to the workout craze with a very specific design to validate hands-down its promise to each user a huge benefit to stabilize muscles and a complete core workout.

With this one piece of equipment, uniting all muscles in the body in activity, it actually promotes muscle action and engagement with a method of exercise that might otherwise require at least five other pieces of gym equipment and exercise regiments including pushups and ab strengthening routines.

With keeping in mind the myriad of conditions and surfaces people are forced to adapt to when working out in less than perfect conditions, The Spyder 360 has also dazzled users with its design to prove itself completely versatile to working from hardwood, rubber floors, padded floors, cement surfaces, to carpeted surfaces, to cushioned mats, and maintaining the same focus of its specific function - an intense full body blast.

“I don’t always have a lot of time to go the gym, but keeping in good shape is always something that I stress about until I used The Spyder 360,” says Peter Tarka, a busy single dad and business man.

“Someone wisely found a way to get five bulky gym machines into something I can carry easily with me and use right in my office carpet and feel like I’m still delivering the ultimate workout experience to myself without cheating myself just because I am not in the gym."

“We are getting so many amazing reviews and sound feedback, the response is just phenomenal, seeing the benefit it’s bringing people is surpassing even our wildest dreams,” says Smith.

Smith, who admits in an interview that his fitness jewel originally saw its birth as a doodle on a napkin, is overwhelmed to see it screaming with success as test launches and product demonstrations in recent months have proven positive.

At the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival held back in March 2014, Smith and his team, including his wife and co-founder of their company Exponent Fitness, saw The Spyder 360 make a glorious debut and saw the birth of a boom in demand for it by hundreds - both fitness experts and amateurs, each sold to the experience by just a simple demonstration of what this tool can actually bring to the mat.

“From the moment I started using it, I instantly felt a difference! I felt my entire body and core muscle group respond and where I used to spend days and weeks tirelessly working for the same non results, I’m seeing them so much faster with the Spyder 360,” says healthy living enthusiast Margaret Witters.

The Spyder 360's users’ love that it offers not only a complete and effective workout but that, within its own design, offers the ability to control the intensity of the workout for the more experienced and beginners alike.

“It sure is fun; my body is getting an intense workout but I’m not groaning waiting for the experience to be over. Seeing these results I’m seeing in my abs and my core, I know now I can’t possibly have a total fitness routine without my Spyder 360 with me,” says fitness expert Jim Garris.

Everyone is hearing from so many users raving of The Spyder 360's performance which is truly delivering more for less.

Smith realizes today his small napkin-born idea truly didn’t end up being just another fly stuck in the proverbial web.

His new invention is now being hailed as a new staple in the fitness world – and rightfully so.

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